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What is the Best Pet Bed You Can Buy in 2021? Furhaven Orthopedic and Memory Foam Pet Beds(84636405) Review

What is the Best Pet Bed You Can Buy in 2021? Furhaven Orthopedic and Memory Foam Pet Beds(84636405) Review

“We love to give the best comfort possible to our furry friends. Sometimes we consider them as our kids. Have you ever wondered whether your pet is getting a comfy sleep every night? If not, I know now you are wondering about it.”

Furhaven Cooling Gel Foam Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats – L Chaise Sofa Plush Fur and Velvet Couch Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover, Deep Sapphire, Jumbo Plus (XX-Large)

In some homes, there is a favorite spot that your furry friend likes to sleep. So we keep some sort of fabric to give him some comfort while sleeping. What if we buy your pet his own bed for sleeping? Furhaven Southwestern Decor Sofa Dog Bed is such bed that you can buy from your pet store or online.

Why Do Our Pets Need Beds to Sleep?

  1. The first reason for this is that they get a good sleep. As we wish to give our pets the best care possible. Pet bed will make sure they get the best sleep possible.
  2. One defined place for your pet to sleep. Sometimes when there is no bed, pets tend to sleep wherever they feel like. Having their own bed will stop this from happening.
  3. No cramps or injuries in bones due to odd sleeping postures. Sometimes dogs sleep in awkward positions leading them to get cramps and injuries in bones structure in the long run. A good pet bed can stop this from happening.
  4. Easy to clean. Pets shed their fur and shed more in the places they sleep. When they have the bed, all the shedding happens on it. Making it very easy for you to clean after that.
  5. Keeps your pet happy. Studies show that your pet is more likely to be calm and be in a good mood after a comfortable sleep. For that, a pet bed can help a lot.

Design of Furhaven Pet Beds(84636405)

I’ll first explain how this bed looks like. Going further, I will describe to you why manufacturers have designed the pet bed like that.

Notably, there are two main parts to these pet beds.

  1. Lying area
  2. L shaped headrest

These are not separate parts but comes together to complete the bed. If I am honest, this is a different design I have seen from other pet beds. Instead of the L-shaped headrest, those beds have used headrest that covers around the sleeping area.

In this design, our pets have to cramp up their legs to avoid hitting the ledge. But when it is L-shaped, they can spread the legs more freely and rest the head.

Ultra Soft Sleeping Surface

The aim of having a pet bed is to let your pets sleep more comfortably. For that, the surface they are sleeping on should be extra soft. Furhaven Orthopedic and Memory Foam Pet Beds(84636405) delivers our pets the softest sleeping they can imagine.

The sleeping area is covered with soft, plush faux fur. The rest of the surfaces are wrapped with smooth velvet fabric.

Does L-Shaped Bolster Railings Have a Purpose?

Yes, it does serve a purpose. The main idea of the bolster railing is to provide support to your pet’s neck, back, hips, and joints. For further knowledge, you can visit their online store to see graphics on how it helps your pet.

But when your pets sleep in the correct posture due to the railing, that will decrease any discomforts and promote restful sleep.

Do Pet Beds Have a Cooling Effect?

Not all pet beds have a cooling effect, but Furhaven Southwestern Decor Sofa Dog Bed certainly does have that effect. The top layer of the inner cushion of this pet bed has gel-infused memory foam. This foam can successfully absorb the heat from your pet’s body and release it into the environment.

Because of this, your pet can sleep peacefully even on a hot summer day. That’s not the only thing that this memory foam does. It also helps your pet to have an improved body alignment.

Are There Different Colors to Choose From for the Pet Bed?

I have researched a lot about pet beds both online and in pet stores. I have not met another ped bed brand that has so many different colors like Furhaven. There are so many. I made a list of all the colors available.

  • Deep Sapphire
  • Merlot Red
  • Platinum Gray
  • Sable Brown
  • Black Medallion
  • Boulder Gray
  • Desert Brown
  • Two-Tone Dark Sage
  • Two-Tone Espresso
  • Two-Tone Marine Blue
  • Two-Tone Stone Gray

I know, there are so many colors to select from. The key for the selection is your pet’s fur coat color and your home’s color theme.

Are There Different Sizes for the Pet Beds?

Yes, there are different sizes for the pet beds. It has to be like that, right? Because we all have different sized and shaped pets. You will find all the details about Furhaven Orthopedic and Memory Foam Pet Beds(84636405) sizes in the below chart.

SizeDimensionsFoam Pets
Small20’’ x 15’’3’’Chihuahua
Medium30’’ x 20’’3’’French Bulldog
Large36’’ x 27’’3’’Australian Shephers
Jumbo44’’ x 35’’4’’Golder Retriever
Jumbo Plus53’’ x 42’’5’’Great Dane


Carefully measure your pet’s body dimensions before buying a pet bed. Always go for the larger size if you are not sure what to choose.

Is It Easy to Clean Furhaven Southwestern Decor Sofa Dog Bed?

We can’t keep our furry friends clean all the time. It’s not healthy for them to have showers every day as well. So their beds can get dirty faster than we think. Because of that, it will be easy for us if these beds are machine washable.

Do not lose hope they are machine washable. You can easily remove the outer cover and put them in the washing machine for a fast wash.
But please read the washing instruction carefully for long-lasting.


Pet stores are many different pet beds in 2021. But you have the responsibility to give your pet the best one out of them.

Furhaven Orthopedic and Memory Foam Pet Beds(84636405) is a great pet bed that you can buy today. It has a wide variety and the best features to give your pet the best sleep possible.

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