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Do You Have HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed?

Do You Have HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed?

“Dogs are among the most kept pets worldwide. We all have valid reasons why we keep dogs in our homes or compound. To some, they are just pets, while to others, it is to keep vigil of any intruder.”

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Dogs are not only friendly to their masters but also very royal. However, their living standards are sometimes compromised so much. Just like human beings, dogs also get stressed up.

Whenever you use HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Large Size, you significantly reduce the stress associated with poor sleep, fatigue, and general discomfort.

Do dogs need beds? Indeed yes. A stressed dog may show many signs, including;

  • Restlessness
  • Barking unnecessarily
  • Poor feeding habit
  • Unusually not social to its master

It is essential to look for indicators that point to a stressed pet and dog, for that matter. A happy dog has good feeding habits, social with its master, and has a good general physique.

Can HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Help Reduce Dog’s Stress?

The best gift you can give a dog is an excellent place to rest. Typically, dogs are active at night but spend most of their daytime resting. It is, therefore, necessary to have a good resting place for the dog.

HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Large Size happens to be that wonderful gift for your pet. Just as you love spending your night on the best mattress on a bed, a dog equally enjoys sleeping on this comfortable bed.

Except for the huge animals, all others prefer sleeping on a raised material, including humans. In case your dog is young as a puppy, a portable dog cot can be ideal. There is also a portable dog cot for large dogs.

If you wish to change the position of the dog’s bed regularly, the use of dog cots can be more appropriate. Otherwise, a fixed bed is suitable if no regular movements are taking place.

Feeding a dog well is very important but offering a good resting place motivates your dog to perform better. It is the best incentive to give to a dog.

How Are The HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Beds Made?

Most of the elevated dog bed are black and vary in their sizes. The most common measures 30 x 24 ” made from fabric, polyvinyl chloride material with a round shape.

The bed is raised from the ground allowing the pet to enjoy a clean, calm, and comfortable environment away from the cold ground, dirt, and damp conditions. Whenever your dog sleeps on the bed, joint pains and general fatigue issues become things of the past.

The bed frame and mesh are upgraded in their design and come with a more substantial middle support rail better than the previous. This bed comes from a high-quality Teslin fabric which is durable and breathable.

The raised bed is comfortable for both summer and winter conditions. The Teslin fabric is waterproof during the rainy seasons while it dissipates heat quickly in hot weather conditions.

There is no much harm in providing your dog with a blanket to create a warm and comfortable condition during winter. Fortunately, this outdoor dog bed comes with easy to assemble and disassemble modes.

The joints are not screwed but are spliced, making it easy to make and unmake. However, there is a need to follow the order of instructions when installing the dog bed.

Are There Different HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Sizes?

Dogs also enjoy the liberty of sizes though their masters determine the choice of the dog’s bed. Majorly, there are three common dog bed frame sizes. These sizes are;

  • 35 x 25 x 8 ” for pets up to 40lb
  • 43 x 31 x 8” for pets up to 65lb and
  • 49 x 35 x 8” for pets up to 140lb

There is an instruction manual given by the manufacturer when you buy any of the beds. Following the manual when assembling or disassembling ensures that the dog bed lasts longer.

A dog’s age may determine the size, but a combination with its weight can be more appropriate.

Any Advantage of HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Large Size?

There are several benefits to both the owner of the dog and the pet itself in using the HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed. When the pet is not under stress, it functions better and reduces seeking medical attention from the vets.

To the dog, there are no joint pains associated with poor sleeping standards. The pet enjoys a restful environment throughout the year regardless of the season. The raising of the bed hinders dirt and insects.

What Are The Disadvantages of HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Large Size?

A dog bed is a great move for the pet. However, during the movement of the bed, there is always an associated cost of Teslin mesh replacement.


Like any other animal, living conditions should facilitate animal health for longer life. A pet that eats well and rests on a comfortable bed is likely to live longer than a pet fed well but rests in filthy environments.

Although there are many choices of dog beds, HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Large Size is a perfect choice for any size of a dog. You can buy a big dog’s bed to reduce the cost of purchasing other beds when your pet outgrows the small bed.

Your love for animals can be judged harshly by people on how you treat them. HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Large Size can quickly vindicate you. Consider buying this product for your pet today.

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