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How to Give the Most Comfortable Sleep to Your Dog? Toozey Calming Dog Bed Review

How to Give the Most Comfortable Sleep to Your Dog? Toozey Calming Dog Bed Review

“Let me ask you a question, my fellow dog lovers. Where did your dog sleep up until today in your home? If you do not have a spacious garden, your answer must be some spot in your house. Do you think that he is happy about his sleeping area?”

Toozey Calming Dog Bed for Small Dogs, Donut Dog Bed with Premium Fluffy Plush, Anti Anxiety Dog Bed with Removable Inner Cushion, Easy to Clean, Non-Slip Waterproof Bottom, Size S (23″x23″)

Well, that is a question we can not answer without thinking a bit. We can not give a clear answer to that because we can not ask from our four-legged friends. But you can buy them a comfy Toozey Donut Dog Bed to sleep on. You will realize how good this bed is for them once you finish the article.

Dogs are the same as humans. They can get cramps or pains in their bones when they sleep on the hard floors inside our homes. You might argue that no, he is not sleeping there. Tommy has his carpet.

But have you tried sleeping on the floor carpet? I bet it is uncomfortable to do that, even for a day. Imagine what your dog goes through every day in his life? I think it is time for you to buy him a new bed.

If you visit a pet store, you will find many dog beds displayed for sale. But does each of them guarantee a comfortable sleep for our furry friends? It is not like that you can hop into the dog bed and try out.

So it is best to know what to look for in those dog beds before you actually buy one. I am not suggesting you buy a Toozey Dog Bed. But I know it can be used as a base to review any other dog bed out there. It has all the features that you should find in any modern dog bed.

Remember dog bed is not only about your dog. It should be easier for us to clean as well. We should buy a dog bed that is made considering all these facts in the place. Let’s read through all the features of the Toozey Donut Dog Bed.

Does This Bed Provide Real Comfort to Our Pets?

I wonder whether you have noticed this, but my dog loves soft cool surfaces to sleep on. That is what you should look into when buying a new dog bed for your pet.

Toozey Calming Dog Bed is made with high-quality, luxurious faux fur. This fur is soft on the pet’s body and gives him a sound sleep all night. For cushioning, they have used super soft eco-friendly PP cotton inside. These cotton cushions give your pet a feeling of a real bed.

Just do not believe my word. The next time you visit the pet store, touch and feel it by yourself. You will realize the difference immediately.

Raised Rim Design

Have you seen your dog lying somewhere, keeping its head on a ledge? The reason for this is it feels more comfortable in that pose. Keeping the head on ground level gives Tommy pain in his neck. Because they often do not fond such ledges inside houses, your dog goes with the only option they have.

Toozey Dog Bed has taken this detail into consideration when designing. There is a raised rim around this dog bed that helps your dog to rest its head over. You will immediately understand how much Tommy loves this raised rim for sleeping. Besides that, your furry friend will have the sleep of its lifetime on the new dog bed.

Is It Easy to Clean the Dog Bed?

Well, this is a must for any pet-related we buy. Because pets equipment gets dirty often no matter how clean we keep Tommy. So regular cleans are essential for your pet’s hygiene and your hygiene.

You can remove the inner cushion of the Toozey Donut Dog Bed and machine wash the rest. Remember to dry in the low heat after washing, not in the air. This will help you to preserve the fluffy status for a long time.

Because of this, cleaning the dog bed will never become a headache to you ever.

Does Toozey Calming Dog Bed Slip on the Tiled Floor?

Dogs hate slippery dog beds. They want to feel safe when getting in and getting out of bed. As you know, dogs are somewhat more active than other pets. So it is a must to have a non-slip bottom for the dog bed.

Toozey Dog Bed has a bottom that does not slip on polished floors. Your pet will not fear getting on to its new bed when it is in one place.

Water Proof and Dirt Resistant Bottom

Toozey Donut Dog Bed has a waterproof bottom. There may be water spills on the floor near the bed that could suck into the cushion. The waterproof dog bed prevents that and keeps your dog away from moisture.

Dog beds are kept on the floor where has a lot of dirt. A cushion like this can attract lots of dust, having you clean it regularly. But the dirt-resistant bottom limits the number of cleaning as well.

Are There Sizes to Select From in the Dog Beds?

Yes, there are three sizes to select from in the dog beds. That is how it should be for obvious reasons as well. Different pets come in different sizes. So should their beds too.

NameSizeDimensionsIdeal For
Toozey Calming Dog Bed S23 x 23″Cats and small dogs up to 35lbs
Toozey Donut Dog BedM30 x 30″Medium dogs up to 45lbs
Toozey Dog BedL36 x 36″Large dogs up to 100lbs


Carefully observe the table above and select the ideal dog bed size that suits your dog. You will be able to find more useful charts to help you with the selection on the Toozey Calming Dog Bed Amazon page. Highly recommend you to go through them as well.


I’m sure that now you are thinking about buying a dog bed for your pet as well. Yes, your furry companions deserve the best and comfy sleep that they missed all these years.

Toozey Calming Dog Bed is a great dog bed you can always try out as your first dog bed if you are still nervous about what to choose.

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